About Us

Foyer is a design - forward platform rooted in New Delhi, India, that took flight in September’ 21. What began as an Instagram magazine, out of a simple interest to share daily design inspiration has now turned into a full - fledged multidisciplinary business.

Founded by Sonam Chandok, Foyer is more than a mere platform; it is a force that shapes lives through design. While designing and curating homes, she noticed that the design industry in India is quite scattered and beautifully handcrafted objects existed in the most unusual places. Her sole purpose was to create a platform where design and community comes together and hence, Foyer was born.

Sonam’s passion for design traces back to her youth when she found joy in conceptualising and putting pieces together. This early fascination fuelled her curiosity and set her on a path to a career dedicated to bringing innovative concepts to life. She saw enormous potential in India and beyond for a centralised platform that connects designers, architects, and consumers. Her extensive travels became a wellspring of inspiration as she sought out home stores in different countries, gaining valuable insights into local design trends.

From these experiences and a global perspective, she planned and prepared to bring Foyer Collection to life. Her mission is clear: to create a space that not only showcases emerging talents but also fosters a sense of global design community. Beyond being a space for design enthusiasts, we offer a plethora of objects and artefacts carefully selected, from our design community to all of you.

At Foyer, we believe that design is more than just a visual art form; it is a powerful tool with the ability to transform lives. Our stories, expert insights, and immersive experiences are crafted to empower individuals to integrate design into their everyday lives. Your journey with us would be one of carefully curated art, mesmerising architecture, and holistic design seamlessly blending to help you curate your own sanctuary.

"Decorating a living space goes beyond just adding pretty things; it's about creating a harmonious dialogue among curated objects, turning them into catalysts for meaningful conversations and fond memories"