Balance Teakwood Convergence Vase

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In a harmonious tribute to life's mysteries, the Balance Teakwood Convergence Vase invites you to witness the delicate dance of rhythmic lines and textures. Crafted from premium wood and stained in the rich hues of rosewood, each vase is a testament to nature's grace, whispering tales like leaves rustling in the wind. Within the sculpted contours lies a journey, a story patiently waiting to be unraveled. Behold its beauty and feel its touch, as this vase holds the true imprint of nature, a balanced masterpiece that brings a touch of the organic into your space. Embrace the enchantment of the Balance Teakwood Convergence Vase—a seamless blend of art and the mysteries that life unfurls.

Delivery Timeline : 10 to 15 Days

225mm x 125mm x 300mm

Exotic Teakwood

Sealed with natural, food safe oil and wax. Made from responsibly sourced wood; foraged, recycled, reclaimed, or sustainably grown.
Pieces may vary slightly based on the unique markings and colouration of the wood. Wipe with wet cotton fabric.
Rosewood Stained

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