Circle Soul

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The Circle Soul Rug by Salventius uses the one-line portrait technique for its design, highlighting soul, mind, and psyche. The two faces on the rug are connected not only by a line but also as you rotate the rug. It signifies oneness. Skilfully hand-tufted from the finest quality New Zealand wool and bamboo silk, this rug can also be hung on the wall as a tapestry and used as an accent piece.

Size Dia: 72"

Delivery Timeline 3 Weeks

Diameter: 72 inches
Diameter : 182.8 cms

Wool and bamboo silk

  • Frequently vacuum your rug in different directions.

  • Keep rotating your rug to extend its life.

  • Keep away from direct sunlight.

  • Try to snip loose threads instead of pulling out.

  • Blot stains immediately.

  • Avoid placing near damp surfaces.

  • Images may vary from actual product in terms of form and colour due to diverse screen resolutions and device settings.

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