Desire Ashtray

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A metaphorical composition that elevates the smoking experience to an art form, the Desire Ashtray is a masterpiece of handcrafted luxury. With four thoughtfully placed cuts, it embraces each cigarette like a gentle cradle, inviting contemplation with its two vertical holes that stand as pillars. The simple act of smoking transcends into a profound experience, enriched by the touch of bespoke luxury. Sculpted from exotic teak, this ashtray is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, where every curve and detail reflects the artistry of sculpting. Embrace the elegance and sophistication of the Desire Ashtray, where functionality meets aesthetic excellence in perfect harmony.

Delivery Timeline : 5 to 7 Days

60mm X 150mm x 150mm

Exotic Teakwood

Sealed with natural, food safe oil and wax. Made from responsibly sourced wood; foraged, recycled, reclaimed, or sustainably grown.
Pieces may vary slightly based on the unique markings and colouration of the wood. Wipe with wet cotton fabric.
Natural Teak

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