Glacier 25 Bowl

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Proudly supported by 25 legs that gracefully melt into its base, the Glacier 25 Bowl mimics the fluidity of melting ice. Each leg, meticulously carved and shaped to emulate the delicate formations of glaciers, conveys a sense of movement and natural elegance. Handcrafted from natural teak, this bowl is a testament to the art of sculpting, capturing the essence of nature's beauty in its organic form. Experience the tranquility of flowing ice and the mesmerizing elegance of the Glacier 25 Bowl, where sculpting meets craftsmanship in perfect harmony.

Delivery Timeline : 10 to 15 Days

100mm x 200mm Dia

Exotic Teakwood

Sealed with natural, food safe oil and wax. Made from responsibly sourced wood; foraged, recycled, reclaimed, or sustainably grown.
Pieces may vary slightly based on the unique markings and colouration of the wood. Wipe with wet cotton fabric.
Natural Teak

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