Mercurial Hand Knotted Wool Bamboo Silk Rug

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Hand-knotted rugs take time, expertise and a skilled hand – if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind design, this ancient method of producing rugs is by far the best option. They are found in some of the world’s most beautiful homes, and it’s not hard to see why - they are true masterpieces. New Zealand Wool - Bamboo Silk (70:30) Hand Knotted Binded Edges W 8' x L 10'

Size 243.84 X 304.8 CM ; 96 x 120 inches

Delivery Timeline : 10-15 Days

243.84 X 304.8 CM ; 96 x 120 inches

Bamboo & Silk

Cleaning : Do not wash. We recommend gently vacuuming this rug once or twice weekly with a brush attachment. Do not use an abrasive rotary brush head as this may damage to the rug.

Stain Removal : Wipe the stain carefully with a mixture of lukewarm water. Absorb excess liquid with a dry microfiber cloth.


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