Sandstorm Reversible Rug

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This rug is skillfully hand-woven with 100% PET yarn derived from recycled plastic bottles, making it as sustainable and eco-friendly as it is durable. Its reversible quality allows you to utilize both sides of the rug, offering versatility to suit your needs. Crafted from recycled plastic bottles, this modern rug transcends traditional boundaries, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces with its resilient design and contemporary aesthetic."

Size 121.92 X 182.88 cms ; 48 x 72 inches

Delivery Timeline : 10-15 Days

121.92 X 182.88 cms ; 48 x 72 inches
152.4 X 243.84 cms ; 60 x 96 inches
182.88 X 274.32 cms ; 72 x 108 inches
243.84 X 304.8 cms ; 96 x 120 inches

100% Pet Yarn

Cleaning : Do not wash. We recommend gently vacuuming this rug once or twice weekly with a brush attachment. Do not use an abrasive rotary brush head as this may damage to the rug.

Stain Removal : Wipe the stain carefully with a mixture of lukewarm water. Absorb excess liquid with a dry microfiber cloth.


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