Serene Majesty

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Drawing inspiration from the ornamental beauty of Mughal heritage, the Ornate Collection exhibits traditional old fangled charm for the current times. Wisps of elegance gracefully fuse with regal colors and textures to create beautiful rugs that reflect the classic styles associated with the height of Mughal aesthetic. These tufted beauties will blend easily with both classic and modern settings.

Delivery Timeline : 7 to 10 Days

72 x 108 inches
183 x 274.5 cms


Professional cleaning is recommended over time to ensure the rugs are as good as new. In case of spills, gently rub the stained area with soaked cloth. Do not apply cleaning agents without consultation. Use vacuum only in one direction, where the pile is lying down. Please contact us if you need further assistance.

Size Available for Customization 48 x 72 inches; 60 x 96 inches; 72 x 108 inches; 96 x 120 inches 122 cm x 183 cm - 152.5 cm x 244 cm - 183 cm x 274.5 cm - 244 cm x 305 cm Customization possible in terms of sizes, lead time would be 45-60 Days

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