The Tangja Vase

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The Tangja vase captures the moment of observation when hindsight turns into a deeper understanding. It attunes itself to gravity with a blob-esque bottom that traverses on to a slender top along a funnel that sways to either sides in dizzying repetition. It revolves in a series of stepped circles that provides the overall impression of symmetry, but closer inspection reveals hidden asymmetries. Stoop a little closer to grasp the delicate changes in the nature of its body. A lavish earth-like base color with some blossoms of black add an air of mystery to the vase that is birthed when the fire stokes and bakes the exteriors.

Placed as an object in a feast, like a vial to quench your thirst or a vase holding a stem or two, this tangja vase can shape and unshape your imagination in latent ways. Each item is unique because it bears the imprint of the person who handled it.

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    Delivery Timeline : 2 to 3 weeks

    9.52 x 15.24

    Black Serpentine Rock

      Care and Instructions
    • Each piece is meticulously crafted by local artisans and bears a slightly different finish or colour of the material. These features do not demarcate defects but are part of the object's singular identity.
    • Clean with a damp cloth and let it dry completely.
    • Images may vary from actual object in terms of form and colour due to diverse screen resolutions and device settings.

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