Ubud Dinner Set 21 Pc

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Amidst the enchanting allure of Ubud's Monkey Forest lies a tale woven in every piece of tableware. Each item, meticulously crafted, echoes the vibrant harmony of this lush haven. Imagine a table adorned with these creations, each whispering the secrets of the forest's rhythms. With UBUD dinner set you are to have not just a meal but an experience imbibing nature. Surround yourselves with loved ones and let the conversations flow with "The Green Galore"

Delivery Timeline : 3 Weeks

Plate - 28 cms | Quarter Plate - 22 cms | Dinner Bowl - 13 cms | Serving Bowl - 21 cms | Platter - 35 cms
Plate - 11 inches | Quarter Plate - 8.5 inches | Dinner Bowl - 6 inches | Serving Bowl - 8 inches | Platter 14 inches

Fine Porcelain

Use Soft Sponge with mild soap/ Gentle Dishwasher Setting

Creme Porcelain

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