Vriksha Mandala

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It is a modern fusion of a traditional Indian Thaali.
The central serving plate surrounded by several small, interconnected bowls and the back is inspired by the form resembling a network of branches extending from a central trunk.
It provides a convenient way to serve and access different foods without needing multiple separate dishes, keeping the dining area organized.
The small, interconnected bowls help manage portions, making it easier to serve individual servings of various dishes.

Color Natural Ashwood

Delivery Timeline : 4 weeks

400mm x 340mm x 50mm


1) Rinse with mild soap. Always dry with clean and soft cloth.
2) Do not leave soak the product in water for a long time.
3) Buff with oil at regular intervals to keep the shine of wood intact.
4) Do not use dishwasher. Hand wash only.
5) Do not put it in microwave or oven.
6) Store it delicately and away from direct sun rays.

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