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In the world of craftsmanship, there are few traditions as captivating and enduring as the art of Bidriware. This ancient metalwork technique hailing from Bidar, India, has long enchanted artisans and connoisseurs alike with its intricate patterns and exquisite detailing. Drawing inspiration from this timeless craft, we proudly present our creation - Bidri. A collective of intricate and elegant designs brings together the rich heritage of Bidriware and the contemporary allure of sisal to adorn your living spaces with unmatched elegance. We have introduced a modern twist to the intricate motifs of Bidriware with the rustic charm of sisal, resulting in rugs that are both visually stunning and ecologically conscious. Sisal, a natural fibre derived from the leaves of the agave plant, is prized for its durability, eco-friendliness, and versatility.

Size 96" x 60"

Delivery Timeline 3 Weeks

108 x 72 x 0.35 inches (LxWxH)
274.3 x 182.8 x 0.9 cms (LxWxH)


  • Frequently vacuum your rug in different directions.

  • Keep rotating your rug to extend its life.

  • Keep away from direct sunlight.

  • Try to snip loose threads instead of pulling out.

  • Blot stains immediately.

  • Avoid placing near damp surfaces.

  • Images may vary from actual product in terms of form and colour due to diverse screen resolutions and device settings.

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